Welcome to POP LINE designs by Sweeney Mae from Mae Day Marketing Inc. Sweeney Mae is a big proponent of women empowerment. She co-founded the Thinkers and Doers Tribe, where they gather women who run their businesses or in powerful career professionals to brunch once every quarter.

Sweeney Mae owns Mae Day Marketing, Inc. A company that she built as a branch of her original endeavor, Events in the City LA. Mae Day is an up and coming marketing agency and the POP LINE has a marketing twist to it. Starting with the first launch:

SELFIE – Selfie. Extra. Legit. Fire. Icon. Epic. In today’s market, you have to know how to promote yourself without the burden of feeling guilty. It’s okay to celebrate your successes especially if you worked hard. It’s ok to put yourself first in order to serve more people. The social media platforms that are readily available to us should be used to inspire others to greatness. So be your best SELFIE with this cropped tee and/or hoodie! 

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