"Masarap" To Wear

Do you know which delicious Filipino Desserts are featured here? Would you like to see the rest of the Pinoy Rising Cutesie Foodie Collection?

Great Gift Idea

Our hats make great gifts for anyone including yourself.

A Work of Art

We proudly present this beautiful piece of art drawn by Lyn Pacificar which pays tribute to our Filipino heritage.

Face Masks - Now Available!

Would you like a matching Face Mask to go with your Pinoy Rising Apparel?

"OPO" Kids

What is "opo" and "po" in the Filipino culture?

Pinoy Rising - "AKO"

Are you a proud Filipino or Part-Filipino? Let that great sense of pride shine through.

"Habang May Buhay, May Pag-asa?"

Have you heard of that old Filipino saying: "Habang May Buhay, May Pag-asa?"

Check Out Some of the Music Videos below that feature Pinoy Rising apparels