A Work of Art - Sampaguita Sun

We proudly present this beautiful piece of art drawn by Lyn Pacificar which pays tribute to the Filipino heritage.
Our Sampaguita Sun Apparel has been made possible through collaboration with Lyn Pacificar.  Please read below to learn more about her and her artwork. 
This is a drawing made as a tribute to our Filipino heritage. As Filipino-Americans, it is important that we recognize our roots and be proud of who we are and where we came from. The "Sampaguita Sun" is a take on the sun from the Filipino flag and illustrated within it, beautiful sampaguita flowers, the national flower of the Philippines. I hope that Filipinos, Filipino Americans, and the like, will enjoy this piece and share the same sense of pride that I have as a Fil-Am citizen.  ~ Lyn Pacificar
Lyn Pacificar @lynpacificar_art