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Philippine Mythical Creatures Shirt - Youth - Manananggal
Philippine Mythical Creatures Shirt - Youth - Manananggal

Philippine Mythical Creatures Shirt - Youth - Manananggal

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"Mythical Pinoy" Shirt - Youth - Manananggal by Pinoy Rising

  • cotton/polyester blend shirt

Philippine Mythical Creatures
Philippine mythical creatures include beasts, monsters, and enchanted beings based on folklore and unique set of belief systems of various Filipino ethnic groups.  Pinoy Rising's Mythical Pinoy Collection is our fun take on these creatures with the goal of inspiring the youth to gain interest and further explore the Filipino Culture. 

Mythical Pinoy Series 1 Lineup:

  • Duwende
  • Manananggal
  • Tikbalang
  • Sirena

More to come!  Collect them all!

MANANANGAL: The manananggal is described as scary, often hideous, usually depicted as female, and always capable of severing its upper torso and sprouting huge bat-like wings to fly into the night in search of its victims. The word manananggal comes from the Tagalog word tanggal, which means "to remove" or "to separate", which literally translates as "remover" or "separator". In this case, "one who separates itself". The name also originates from an expression used for a severed torso.

The manananggal is said to favor preying on sleeping, pregnant women, using an elongated proboscis-like tongue to suck the hearts of fetuses, or the blood of someone who is sleeping. It also haunts newlyweds or couples in love. Due to being left at the altar, groom to be is one of its main targets. The severed lower torso is left standing, and is the more vulnerable of the two halves. Sprinkling salt, smearing crushed garlic or ash on top of the standing torso is fatal to the creature. The upper torso then would not be able to rejoin itself and would perish by sunrise.